The following steps are needed to use a brother scanner via network on Ubuntu 9.10:
  1. Go to the Brother driver page and download the right .deb file (32/64bit).
  2. Install the .deb file. If you just click it, gdebi will do that for you.
  3. Install gscan2pdf, a great GTK+ tool for scanning and exporting the scanned pages to various formats.
  4. Configure the scanner to be on the network. Depending on the installed printer model, the used tool will be called brsaneconfig, brscaneconfig2 or brscaneconfig3. For the MFC-7820N the command is: brsaneconfig2 -a name="Lars MFC" model="MFC-7820N" ip=
    • The IP address has to be numerical, no hostname is allowed, DNS is not used.
    • The model is checked as well. If brsaneconfig complains, you better look it up on the Brother page.
    • Of course you are allowed to name your scanner whatever name you like.
There you go. has a wiki page with detailed information on the subject (German).